Rage Against The Parasites

“Ouch” she slapped her arm, missed. Those little creatures crawled under her skin, She itched as their vicious teeth bit into her veins. Those imposters same, Sweet sounds, kind words, all echo from their mouths They call. They call and you obey. Singing sirens from the devils gate. Now you do what they told you. An itch, a red little lump. “Get out” she screamed, … Continue reading Rage Against The Parasites

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Can Anybody Hear Me?

“Can anybody hear me?” I turn and peer into the darkness, My mind a little weary. The altitude kaleidoscope the chorus Of a formless song. Sing, “I’m here. I’m here.” The volcanic light beneath my feet, Erupting smoke pirouettes over me. A gentle hand, a stroke across the cheek. “Mother? Is that you?” Succumbed to ennui. I choke, the fumes sting as I sing, “I’m … Continue reading Can Anybody Hear Me?

The Facsimile

“Wake up!” she cried, slapping his cheek.A lifeless head, still, limp.“I am here.” Startled, she slipped.Taken aback. A facsimile? She turned around to this galley slave,His half body standing out from the burying place,Shovel over his shoulder, insolent gaze.Smooth as tarmac. She looked down at this lifeless soul,His red lips, green eyes, etched into cuneiformAcross his sinless face. Cold, but warm.Hair jet black. “That part … Continue reading The Facsimile

My Documentary ‘As It Happened’

Set in Aida Refugee Camp, it is about retired Australian theatre director Ray Goodlass supporting a number of students from Alrowwad Arts and Culture Centre to write their own stories into a series of small plays. It was incredible having the chance to witness the humanity and normality of these amazing young adults clashing with the quirky Ray and his determination to enforce rules of punctuality. … Continue reading My Documentary ‘As It Happened’