Sara is currently a JD student and a project manager implementing projects on human rights. She loves philosophy and astronomy, adding to her education studies in astrophysics. She is also a filmmaker, filming an independent documentary in Palestine and currently working on a project based in Turkey and Syria. Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, she loves to travel to visit new cultures and people. Continue reading About

Things Going On In My Mind

For me, there is no greater enjoyment than to attempt to acquire good moral habits, to traverse through the matrix of my mind, my past and present and relate, reconstitute and investigate the context of my decisions, the questionable views that I may hold and ultimately study my own emotions and actions until I reach that mean, the equilibrium that Immanuel Kant describes as “…the … Continue reading Things Going On In My Mind

An Aussie Intern in Israel

From the soundless alarm made from the gentle, orange sunrise piercing through the giant tree outside my bedroom window that form shapes on the wall to the random crazy man shouting for no apparent reason on the side of the street. The impolite service, the politics, history, feeling lost in the maze of an unknown language as I stand in shock as people ride hand-made … Continue reading An Aussie Intern in Israel