Five Minutes of Cosmic Inflation

Non-inflationary theories of the genesis of the universe or what we know as the big bang effectively only discuss the hydrogen and helium particles etc that fill the universe or what occurred after the birth of the universe. Now that evidence has been shown that the universe is actually expanding, it has led to questions of what could have been prior to the bang in a much more sophisticated manner. There are multiple theories, such as Brane collision or the collision of two dimensions or that the universe is formed from within a black hole, all of which are interesting particularly with new areas of thought such as superstrings and the cyclic universe model, but certainly not as persuasive as cosmic inflation and the multiverse theory. Continue reading “Five Minutes of Cosmic Inflation”

Is the human body ‘property’?

Property is a term that explains what governs ownership and possession. As Gummow J summarised, it is a “legal relationship with a thing.”[1] What defines property continues to evolve and change with contemporary scientific and medical advancements, where it may have once  described access to material or tangible resources such as estates, land or fixtures now includes personal or intangible property. As property is the … Continue reading Is the human body ‘property’?

Are Morality and Law Connected?

In the early sixth century, Athenian statesman and lawmaker Solon developed a set of reforms in Ancient Greece to overcome aristocratic exclusivity by enabling all subjects to access justice. Known as Solon’s Laws, the aim was to mediate the conflict growing between the aristocracy and peasantry. How did Solon decide this moral reformation? Revealed in his poetry, he saw the threat to Athenian culture and … Continue reading Are Morality and Law Connected?

Rage Against The Parasites

“Ouch” she slapped her arm, missed. Those little creatures crawled under her skin, She itched as their vicious teeth bit into her veins. Those imposters same, Sweet sounds, kind words, all echo from their mouths They call. They call and you obey. Singing sirens from the devils gate. Now you do what they told you. An itch, a red little lump. “Get out” she screamed, … Continue reading Rage Against The Parasites

Moral Traveller Podcast: Workplace Bullying

Sara talks with Professor Michelle Tuckey on the subject of workplace bullying For more information, please visit her bio available at the University of South Australia and the Analysis and Policy Observatory. If you are experiencing bullying or harassment, or know someone who is, please see support services information here and reach out for some support. You can also contact the Human Rights Commission for … Continue reading Moral Traveller Podcast: Workplace Bullying