The Friend in My Dreams

The moon, a heart disorientated in love.
Yearning for a star she could never touch.
He follows not far along, and she, 
Looking down at a spinning compass, 
A guide in her dreams to him.

Oneiros unlocks the portal for her to see, 
That he cries for her. Do you cry for me? 
You weep, but pretend it is a laugh, 
Like Dolos shapeshifting into human form.
You gesture friendship, you throw your shirt on me. 
I feel your warmth.

Eyes open, chest aches. Awake.
No! Sleep! Your face, your skin so close. 
So real. 
Sleep. Please sleep, so I can be with him once more.

Darkness falls, in part two. The truth.
A nightmare emerges, the succubus comes to deceive,
"I am the victim!" she cries, pointing her finger at me.
Saccharine lies, sweet words seducing you.
You fool! No victim is she. 
I hear you roar out to me. 
Now you hate me. Now you hate me, so.
Archangel Michael, please wake me
From this terrible gospel. The sun burns
A feverish orb and the star is gone.
The compass now pointing north,
No friend, no more.